Social thinking approach to social communication assessment

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Confusedmum1511 Sun 22-Dec-19 13:58:03

My DS has a specialist assessment coming up over the duration of two hours. The SALT specialises in social communication through the social thinking approach.

Any idea what this may entail? What sort of activities may be done? What they will be looking for? DS is 5

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BlankTimes Sun 22-Dec-19 18:14:20

It's not an approach I've heard of specifically, my dd's SALT assessments were done when she was much older and it was a while ago, but google's turned up some interesting articles on social thinking.

The assessment will be looking at your son's social communication then finding out which - if any - subtype or subtypes "fit" him best.
Not all interventions suit all children with communication disorders, this area of testing refines things and can recommend which interventions are most beneficial for the individual child, or it can confirm a child has no social communication difficulties.

At age 5 most clinical assessments are play-based, looking at pictures, asking about a story, using play-figures, talking about the child's day at school, asking about things they like. There may be some drawing or shape sorting, really nothing much different to the things he'd do at school or at home for fun. He won't know he's being assessed for anything, to him it'll be like play and will be fun.

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