Bloody hell we've got a blue badge!!

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MrsBobDylan Fri 20-Dec-19 16:35:49

Have been meaning to apply for a blue badge since the rules changed to include neurological disabilities affecting behaviour.

Finally did it and we've got a blue badge for ds!!

No more worry that he will bolt across the car park because he is scared, or refuse to walk because he is worried we are lost. Holy shit, this is going to be so much safer and easier for him.

I feel like having a party!

P.S: ds is 9, goes to MLD school and has an Autism diagnosis. He also has the most energetic legs due to jumping about a lot - if this sounds like your child and you don't have a blue badge, now is the time to apply!

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eggsandwich Sun 22-Dec-19 14:28:01

Well done!

I applied for my 19 year old son as soon as we could but got turned down as not meeting the criteria, my son has asd, severe learning difficulties and is non verbal we even had a letter from his doctor, I might try again once I’ve got the energy.

BlankTimes Sun 22-Dec-19 17:12:28

Great news MrsBobDylan congratulations!

eggsandwich the trouble is, each local authority has its own criteria, both for initial assessment and for renewal. Do find out exactly what your area's criteria are.

In mine, the applicant must have PIP mobility enhanced to be able to renew.

Our BB renewal fell in the gap between DLA ending and PIP tribunal so they wouldn't automatically renew, but they would see dd for an assessment by their physio.

Guessing your son has PIP, if so, some of the findings on the PIP assessor's report could qualify him, do check.

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