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3Di assessment?

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mymatemax Fri 24-Aug-07 17:27:38

DS2 is due to have a 3Di assessment with the clinical psych at the CDC.

I've tried googling to get more info but all it comes up with is the option to buy an electronic version.
I know you are all more knowledgeable than GOOGLE so can anyone help please?

What does the assessment involve, etc.
He has already had a multi disciplinary autism assessment so i don't really understand how this differs.
Many thanks Max

ladygrinningsoul Fri 24-Aug-07 18:23:14

We had one of these - we had to fill in a long questionnaire (including stuff like family history) and send it in, then answer more questions at an appointment while DS played with the SALT. The nursery had another questionnaire to fill in.

It seems to be a fairly new, possibly experimental, diagnostic tool (so new that the paed wasn't sure whether DS should be at the appointment or not, and changed her mind a week or so before the appointment, and also the questionnaire for the nursery wasn't sent until I chased it up). We felt that it was really designed for older, more verbal children.

Given that you have already had a multi disciplinary assessment maybe they want to see if the 3Di comes out with the same result? (Testing the procedure, not your DS).

mymatemax Fri 24-Aug-07 19:05:24

Thanks lady grinningsoul, the playschool completed a questionnaire as part of the multi disciplinary assessment, so not sure if it would be the same?
He is almost 5 & the cdc have not been keen to dx, the cdc consultant paed described his as the most complex character she had ever come across & didn't fit any particular box - so guess what they've offered no support.
But his normal paed is pushing for them to sort it before his 5th b'day when he would no longer come under cdc & we have to start all over again [ANGRY].
DS2 is ok'ish verbally (although was delayed), just can't work out what info they need that they don't already have. They have already observed/assessed him for 10 hours.

ladygrinningsoul Fri 24-Aug-07 19:31:34

Ah, I think it is because the 3Di involves putting all the info into the computer. The computer scores all the answers (including the stuff about family history) and comes up with final score which leads to a dx of autism or not. They don't know what to make of your DS so they let the computer decide!

I hope it leads to you getting the support you need, anyway.

mymatemax Fri 24-Aug-07 20:37:52

Ahh so if Computer Says NO... then thats it grin

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