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Why oh WHy do they do this??

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eidsvold Thu 23-Aug-07 06:49:30

Message withdrawn

FioFio Thu 23-Aug-07 08:05:08

Message withdrawn

gess Thu 23-Aug-07 09:57:19

ha ha ds2 complains about not going to ds1's school as well.

I hope it works out eidsvold, it irritates me when they do this- ds1 got through 5 LSA's in 4 terms in maintream!

totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 10:01:46

My worst fear is my ds language teacher leaving, he adores her, even ds paediatrician mentioned that when she spoke with his teacher, that she understands him so well, she seems to know him like the back of her hand.

eidsvold Thu 23-Aug-07 11:24:45

went to pick dd1 up this afternoon and gave the aide a goodbye/thank you present. Dd1 did not want to give her the bag she is still in present mode!!

I told both the aide and the teacher that I was sad to hear X was leaving and the teacher said she was too. The teacher does not know the new aide and has no idea who it is!! This is someone she will be working closely with!!

mum24boyz Thu 23-Aug-07 12:25:11

so your dd doesnt even get a chance to meet the new aid in advance, thats ridiculous, i am so grateful that my sons school have been so good with him, he is in mainstream, and his asst last yr is staying with him this yr, although going part time, so he will have a diff one in the afternoon, but he already knows her and he has been told by both the assts aswell as myself how its going to work so he is well prepared. i hope your dd's teacher is prepared for the fallout, cos i know how bad it would be if that was just sprung upon my ds. good luck with it hun.

eidsvold Thu 23-Aug-07 22:54:10

her whole class ( of 6 children) will not meet the new aide until they front up to the unit next week!

mum24boyz Fri 24-Aug-07 06:43:29

omg, i dont envy the teacher then, i cant imagine what they are thinking of, we know sn kids dont like change, and they just drop it on em, i would just keep trying to prepare your dd as best as you can, i guess thats all you can do without their support on it, my ds has only done 1 yr in school, but reading some posts makes me realise how lucky i am with his school, at least we both know whats going on. good luck for next week x

eidsvold Fri 24-Aug-07 06:48:57

aide loved her present and said it made her cry think I may have glimpsed the new aide having a look around the place this morning.

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