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toelby are you out there?

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Nattynoos Tue 21-Aug-07 19:02:41


Ive just searched through the messages on mumsnet about Tinsley House and found yours really interesting.
I have recently bought Robin Pauc's book 'Is that my Child' and have his other one about 'Brain Food' on order. Like you we dont seem to be getting very far with help from the professionals and was wondering how your DS is getting on now and is he still sticking to an organic diet?

Im finding the 14 day eating plan very harding going with my DS as he seems to be starving in between meals - what do you give your son in between apart from fruit?

Also when you went for your for your treatment did they give you a list of all the things that he could eat and all the things that he could'nt?

It would be great to hear back from you as we are seriously considering taking our DS there, so would really value your feedback.



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