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Feel like a drama queen and feel like im pushing for stuff i dont need!

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bonkerz Sun 19-Aug-07 18:54:26

Not sure how to say all this but need to know if how im feeling right now is normal.

Background is DS having difficulties for nearly 3 years now at school etc. School thought aspergers was possible cause of difficulties but didnt help me get help IYKWIM. Have had to fight alot for things so far. DS been removed from original school and due to start new school sept where he has had a few settling in days and the new school appear great! Applied for statement (at old school) which was turned down and we are at appeal on 26th September. Peadiatrician has agreed DS has severe behavioural and social needs and has passed us to CAHMS for further assessment and support along with continual appointments with peadiatrician. Applied for DLA on advice from autism outreach and my SW (only got SW cos school reported me saying i was unstable mother! SW happy with everything and is a great help!) DLA taken 9 weeks so far and have said not sure how lobg will take to make decision. Peadiatrician writing to DLA to back up DS problems etc.

OK so my problem is that i have had DS home now for nearly 14 weeks in total and on a low ratio attention thing he is fine. He has been trying and he can be very hard work but ive been coping better mainly because i am giving up childminding at end of this month so have been able to focus on better tiomes ahead IYKWIM.

Am sat here tonight feeling like maybe i dont need a statement now because school seem really clued up (intake is 48% SN) and im panicking that i will go in to appeal and they will kick us out bewcause new school are better equipped. I know i probably need to get the extra support needed in writing because otherwise the school could take it away but i dont know how to fight this anymore. Am also worried DLA wont view DS problems in the was PEad and school and i view them. TBH am relying on small bit of DLA to keep us above water when i give up work.
All this probably sounds like a rant but i suppose i just feel calmer than i have done in a long time with DS and ow feel that all the fighting i have done has been unnecessary or is it normal to feel like this after a few weeks of not having to deal with school and associated problems!

FioFio Sun 19-Aug-07 19:43:55

Message withdrawn

gess Sun 19-Aug-07 20:07:39

I felt like that about our disabled facilities grant to make our windows safe (& in fact hadn;t bothered chasing) until ds1 out his head through the window yesterday I'll be on the phone tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the periodof calm, but always best to get as much as possible in writing- hence need for statement etc. You never know how things will change....

bonkerz Sun 19-Aug-07 20:34:22

thanks for the replies. i do think this is a period of calm for me and also i havent had to deal with all the stress or pressure involved with school and statementing process as all work is done and its just waiting for appeal again. I know things will step up again in a few weeks!

sarah293 Sun 19-Aug-07 21:23:22

Message withdrawn

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