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dontknowwasmadetoknow Wed 30-Oct-19 13:51:08

I need some seamfree tights for my Dd she's 10 but will need age 13-14 as she's tall.
She has asd and has sensory issues which affect her really badly,her feet are especially sensitive.

I have seamless socks from the sock shop but the seamless tights from there have stitching on the sole which she can feel. Ive tried some from the sensory smart store but they were not seamless.
If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful as she is still in ankle socks for school and feeling cold.

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MrsMartinRohde Wed 30-Oct-19 15:44:28

I'm sensitive to the feeling of tights as well (it's the seam and the feeling of nylon on my feet) and cannot wear normal tights at all, so I wear black opaque footless tights with thin cotton black knee-high socks under. so much more comfotable, looser on the feet and if worn with boots the line is hidden. hope you find a solution for her!

DuchessDumbarton Wed 30-Oct-19 16:02:24



Any good OP?

dontknowwasmadetoknow Wed 30-Oct-19 16:13:07

Thanks Duchess
I have tried those ones, they are comfort toe and she cannot tolerate them. I need seamless but can only seem to find seamless socks not tights

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LightTripper Wed 30-Oct-19 17:12:43

I've had the same problem so following with interest. It's funny, DD didn't seem to have any issue with tights in previous winters, but this year (she's now 5) she's much more sensitive. It's both a foot thing and a tummy thing for her.

I'm going to try leggings with matching socks to see if that works better (as it's basically what she lives in at the weekend, and luckily her school is not too fussy about uniform): as you say, it seems to be easier to find properly seamless socks rather than tights. Do you think that could work for your daughter?

DuchessDumbarton Wed 30-Oct-19 17:41:09

Ah I see OP, yes seamless tights are hard to find.
Seamless socks and leggings?

dontknowwasmadetoknow Wed 30-Oct-19 17:59:33

Thanks everyone,
Yes we have thought she could wear leggings under her skirt with seamless socks,she isn't keen as she is desperate to be the same as everyone else.
She also has a very sensitive tummy and cannot wear anything tight or fitted but we have managed to get her in a jersey skirt for school.
She lives in leggings, seamless socks and loose T-shirt's at weekends.

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LightTripper Wed 30-Oct-19 18:21:10

What is the school's policy on shoes? If shoe-boot type things were permissible, that might hide the join and help DD be more confident?

Or if it's for school, do they not have a trousers option? Though I know for DD formal school trousers I suspect will also be uncomfortable on her tummy (I've ordered some to try but not very optimistic). M&S did have some "knitted" ones in but they seem to have gone now, but might look around and see if anybody else has trousers that could be softer than the very formal style.

Greenandcabbagelooking Wed 30-Oct-19 18:26:56

How about black ballet tights from Dance Direct?

dontknowwasmadetoknow Wed 30-Oct-19 18:41:32

Her school have been very flexible, she had a really difficult year last year and by the end of the year she was not in any uniform at all, she would only wear one pair of shorts and T-shirt with sliders on her feet.
We have now been able to get her in a skirt with polo shirt and sketchers on her feet.Its been a slow process but she has made really good progress.
The school have said they are willing to accept her in whatever she is wearing as they know how difficult it is for her.
I think she will probably end up wearing leggings under skirt as it doesn't look like seamless tights exist.
Thanks for your ideas

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LightTripper Wed 30-Oct-19 19:50:50

Sounds like she's doing really well. Leggings seem a good shout.

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