Liquid Melatonin supply....anyone else having problems?

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hazeyjane Mon 28-Oct-19 17:40:38

We've just been told that the hospital pharmacy can't get hold of it. Ds can't manage tablets and I am panicking because last time we messed with his medication routine it all went to utter shit...

Has anyone else not been able to get it?

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Lesley25 Mon 28-Oct-19 18:36:09

Can you ask for the capsules and sprinkle them on something- they’re more expensive I think though so Docs can be reluctant to prescribe but doubt you’d have any problems if they can’t get hold of the liquid

hazeyjane Mon 28-Oct-19 19:07:37

Ah, I didn't know about the capsules...although to be honest, I expect it would be no different to crushing the tablets - which is what has been suggested (and which has failed previously).

The trouble is once we have broken the routine that works now, because of a (hopefully) temporary hitch in supply, it is then a fucking nightmare to try to go back to the old routine!

Ah fuckity bollocks

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JessicaKenny2018 Mon 28-Oct-19 19:49:53

I hope we don't get any issues where we are we just got our little boys melatonin this week and didn't have any problems, have you tried boots that's where we got ours

hazeyjane Mon 28-Oct-19 20:03:11

Yes, it has to be ordered as a special prescription at the hospital by ds's paediatrician and comes in to Boots.

The only other time we had difficulties was when there was the switch in our area to Virgincare leading to chaos over who should be responsible for the prescription....hence why we had the tablets (which he wouldn't take)

We have never had a supply issue, but I know there are some medicine shortages atm along with the dreaded fucking Brexit affecting things

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Shiraznowplease Sat 02-Nov-19 05:29:16

Work in a pharmacy, we just had some delivered yesterday for a prescription we received the day before that. We use a company called Lexon specials and it needs to be ordered online

Shiraznowplease Sat 02-Nov-19 05:30:42

Sorry pressed to soon, it is what they call a ‘special obtain’ in that it isn’t a product they have to make but is imported I think from the USA.

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