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Blackbear19 Sun 20-Oct-19 13:39:47

DS 8 is under ASD assesment.
However his room is a tip. Lego all over the floor. Nothing put away. I could spend hours sorting it and days later its as bad as ever. I can't cope with much more.

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LightTripper Mon 21-Oct-19 13:44:50

Does it bother him that it's untidy? If not, can you just get a huge basket to toss everything into to hoover occasionally, and then at least it's quick?

If he is bothered by it, this might be a bit off-the-wall, but there is a YouTuber I really like called Clutterbug who talks about "organising styles" (e.g. some people like to put everything in its place, others in big buckets, some people like to be able to see everything, others like it hidden away).

It may be that he just doesn't care about things being tidy, but it could also be that he struggles with your organising style and something else could work better for his room?

I wouldn't show the videos to DS as they have "bits at the end" where she tells a story that is not always child-suitable grin but might be worth you having a look and seeing if something different might work better for him? The lady who runs Clutterbug has ADHD so although it's not autism-specific at all, I think she just "gets" that different brains need different solutions.

Alternatively is there just too much stuff? Could you put any of it in the loft/storage and get it out in rotation?

Blackbear19 Mon 21-Oct-19 15:49:29

He couldn't care less about it being a mess but it bugs me no end. Not to mention the distraction that it causes when I'm trying to get him to focus on getting ready in the morning.

I will have a look at that you tuber thank you.

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Nettleskeins Mon 21-Oct-19 19:47:34

I would take the Lego out of his room,put it on a big sheet when he plays downstairs, and then it is very easy to clear up.
Tbh all my children's rooms were constantly messy, and the only solution is to reduce the amount of stuff in there, and rationalise the storage.
We found that big labels on the drawers helped, and cutting down choices of clothing for example.Like allone colour sock. Not choosing clothes that needed ironing.

If he likes playing Lego in his room,then reduce the other things in there to bare minimum.Maybe put his clothes on the landing?

Playing lego on on a big sheet so it can be easily clearedby pulling sides of sheet together is something that never occurred to me...until someone suggested it. Years of tidying up tiny bits replaced with simple swift tidy!!!

openupmyeagereyes Mon 21-Oct-19 19:57:30

Kallax or similar is the best option imo. I group similar types of toy and just chuck them in the storage cube. If you like you can Velcro some pictures or written labels on the front to show what’s inside.

If you want to keep it relatively tidy a daily sweep is needed alongside trying to get him to do it himself which is likely to take a long time. It only takes a few minutes each day when you don’t have to micro sort everything.

openupmyeagereyes Mon 21-Oct-19 19:58:42

And Light, some of Clutterbug’s stories are shock

LightTripper Mon 21-Oct-19 22:26:27

I know open! I do love her grin

Blossom4538 Sun 03-Nov-19 23:45:08

DD (8, Asd) is the same, it drives me crazy!

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