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DS can now open the dog gates.. what next??! Please help!

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ShinyHarryPplHoldingPortkeys Wed 15-Aug-07 13:02:59

I have left a message on the OT's answerphone but they are notoriously slow in responding.

We use Lindam dog restraint gates (like tall safety gates) on the living room to hall way door, the living room to kitchen door, and of course, his bedroom door.

DS is 7, and HAS to be restrained in this way for his own safety or else he would roam the house, fall downstairs, etc. And we can't literally follow him 24/7 at home.. he does have constant supervision (and needs it!) but we have to take our eyes off him sometimes.

He has no concept of danger.. no restraint.. is v.clumsy, can't walk unaided (but can't climb!)..


The dog gates have been our saviours for ages.. (since he grew tall enough to throw himself over a child safety gate) and we ought to have shares in them we buy so many (he breaks them often.. once rammed his way thro the bars!)

What CAN we do now??!

ShinyHarryPplHoldingPortkeys Wed 15-Aug-07 13:03:56

Sorry,.. meant to say CAN climb! (Like a rat up a drainpipe!)

FioFio Wed 15-Aug-07 13:08:39

Message withdrawn

gess Wed 15-Aug-07 18:08:27

ds1 got out of his about 6 months ago. TBH he does just tend to roam- it is a bloody nightmare but I oculdn't find an affordable solution. SS did look into funding a safe space.

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