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Online resources for social stories, clip art?

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ladygrinningsoul Tue 14-Aug-07 22:49:04

DS currently has a problem with pushing other children even when repeatedly told not to (not friends who come to the house, but younger children at nursery and random children he meets at playgrounds etc). I'd like to try a social story - obviously I can't use photos of him pushing another child! I can't draw to save my life - does anyone know of anywhere I can get some suitable line drawings of children being pushed and being sad?

alycat Tue 14-Aug-07 23:17:34

When we did a Makaton course recently, they suggested google images for hunting for pics to support communication. Apart from that I have no ideas, good luck hunting for some.

UKMum2Boys Fri 31-Aug-07 10:56:34

Hello, I have been using the Model Me Kids DVDs with picture/clip art for Social Skills support at home with my YS 4.9 ( awaiting AS Diagnostic Planning Meeting in October ).

I have found them extremely beneficial and my son has really shown some amazing examples of what he has learn't from them.

They are worth every penny, my sons new primary school teacher has borrowed the "Time for School" DVD. The £ is very strong in the USA, now is a good time to buy.

More than happy to talk more to anyone who would like to find out more.

Kind regards Louise

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