ADHD psychiatrist recommendations in London

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MaryPoppinjay Fri 11-Oct-19 18:37:46

Hi. After years of suspecting, my 9 year old son has been diagnosed by a Clinical Pyschologist with ADHD.

We went privately as when we first suspected he has issues at 2 years old we waited ages for NHS referrals and eventually got passed from pillar to post and the summary was he just had hearing problems. The hearing issues were resolved and the behavioural issues remained. For various reasons I just can’t face an uphill battle with my GP and CAMHS so we have decided to deal with it ourselves.

6 years later and he is classic combined ADHD. He is generally well behaved and really bright (although his inattention means he is just above average when it comes to school work and needs extensive ‘scaffolding’ from teachers) so the school have said that whilst they will support us with any help we get he is not bad enough for them to request a referral (despite us being called in by class teachers for years over his inattention).

The Psychologist is unable to prescribe but believes he will benefit from medication. On this basis we need to now see another HCP and as we have already spent over £1000 are not in a position to keep spending many thousands of pounds until we get him the exact help he needs as our insurance doesn’t cover this.

Sorry for the long winded request... anyway, does anybody have the name of a good Child Psychiatrist who will help without drawing out the process? London based (north and central preferably). All the ones she gave us details for are no longer accepting new referrals and have long waiting lists. It would need to be a Psychiatrist as he will almost certainly need medication. TIA

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IWillWearTheGreenWillow Sat 12-Oct-19 10:34:54

Can you get to Windsor? I thoroughly recommend the Cardinal Clinic there, particularly Dr Irene Yi. She works at other clinics too and may have a London practice.

We are going through a similar process with one of our DC with a similar profile. Sending strength and tenacity!

BoogleMcGroogle Sat 12-Oct-19 11:36:08

We see Dr Partha Banerjea at Clinical Partners. He's been very supportive and is great at listening and making sense of what's going on.

MaryPoppinjay Sun 13-Oct-19 13:23:35

Thank you so much - will check both of those out. We can get to Windsor but it is a fair hike so would prefer London north or central.
And thanks for the sending of thoughts - much needed x

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