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Buggy for 3yo and 1yo

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kreamkrackers Mon 13-Aug-07 12:46:24

I have a mama's and papa's twin buggy but the seats are very small and it's been hard to use this past year. Now one of the wheels flew off as i was crossing the road on dd1's side and i realise i need a better buggy. I want one that will last up to another couple of years as dd1 can't walk at the moment and even when she does i doubt she'll be walking far and dd2 should be an excellent walker by then. I need one that can hold shopping well and be easy to use on buses and long walks. Any suggestions? TIA

Cappuccino Mon 13-Aug-07 17:06:30

there are some massive ones, I did a lot of research on this. It's hard to get a buggy for a larger child

mountain buggy I think from New Zealand though many £££s

I have a twin Maclaren Major it is like taking a tank out for a walk

I would go and play in a large mothercare and try a few out

mum2seb Mon 13-Aug-07 19:44:43

I've got a Phil and Teds E3 for my 3 year old (spina bifida, not too good at walking long distances) and 7 month old. It's FAB!!! The pram itself (you'll know what I mean if you see one - they're in Mothercare, btw) is for up to age 5 - the reason why I got it. The toddler seat is a brilliant invention. I take it on the bus all the time (providing it's a low one that I can wheel it on), and it fits in the back of black cabs with no problem. It's not so easy to fold up to get on a bus, though, especially if you're having to negotiate 2 children who don't walk too well (as I have discovered! I shamed the bus driver into letting me keep it up, and another buggy user collapsed hers so that I could put mine in the buggy bit at the front!). I'd thoroughly recommend it!

kreamkrackers Tue 14-Aug-07 13:21:43

Went to mothercare and tried a few out. Really like the new jane powertwin but dd1's legs just dangled at the sides instead of her using the footrest. Tried the phil n teds and fell in love. It'll save us getting the major buggy for a while as she sits so well in it. We walked all around the store and it was brill, like having a single buggy again. They were both happy in it and i'm made up. They don't stock the sand colour so we're waiting for this to be delivered. Fantastic buggy.

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