Aggression crisis

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theendofsummer Mon 30-Sep-19 15:33:55

Had a terrible weekend with Ds(age 13). He wanted an 18 game, we said no and he started being aggressive. Throwing things , stamping on his phone (it miraculously survived), screaming at us, getting a blunt cutlery knife then a bread knife. Said he would kill us then kill himself .
My husband then locked them in the shed.
He was totally desperate to get the game. Must have been big peer pressure at school. He smelt shocking (hormones and stress!) .
Once he had stopped, he finally showered and apologised. We went out for some fresh air and he started asking again!!
He refused school this morning so I knelt down and started to unplug the PS4 cables. He did go to school but asked me again on the way there !
I'm exhausted by his behaviour and he just does not seem to get the message of NO.

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