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Please help, not sure what the problem is but know there is one.

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auntysocial Sun 12-Aug-07 20:49:41

My sister is 13 but I've been worried about her for quite a while now, everyone is.

She's very different from normal 13 year olds, she carries at least one teddy around with her all the time, sits it on her knee and makes it watch tv with her, occasionally she will point it at someone and say "hey, he's looking at you..." etc.

She has no motivation at all, last week for instance she stayed in her pyjamas from Sunday until Thursday, didnt go out of the house, hardly left her bedroom, refused to go to town with my mum etc.

She has no friends, delibrately tries to avoid situations where she might need to socialise, for instance a girl at school asked her for her mobile number so she gave it and then delibrately turned her phone off so she couldnt get through.

She has no confidence, wont join any clubs, wont even go swimming or anything with my mum.

She keeps saying about how she wont need to work as she will be staying in my parents house when they retire.

I cant see her having any future, I can imagine her sitting in that house on her own 24/7 never meeting anyone...I have always suspected she may have mild autism but my parents wont have it.

How can I help her?

foxinsocks Sun 12-Aug-07 20:52:35

I don't know.

Have you spoken to your parents? What do school think?

auntysocial Sun 12-Aug-07 20:57:30

My parents insist that there is nothing wrong with her until I get my mum is a "down" mood and she admits that there is a big problem.

She has sometimes found her thrashing around on her bedroom floor, throwing herself from side to side aggressively, laughing and blowing rasperies but she's on her own when she's doing this, if my mum goes in she gets nasty and screams at her to get out.

Her last school refered her to Ocupational Therapy for some reason and then later advised my mum to take her to a physciatrist, my mum took her to the GP and the GP referred her but they never went for the apointment.

Uki Mon 13-Aug-07 02:42:09

This sounds a little like my friends sister, who is younger than us by 13 years, she was an accident, and i think she has grown up knowing this , she was very un motivated wouldn't go to school at all, was spoilt with material things by parents - videos, toys, but not much love or time. i think she was mainly depressed/frustrated. Her parents also weren't good in taking her to therapy, etc and the problems became worse. she is now 19 never finished even a small part of high school and lives with her parents doesn't work, is very overweight and doesn't leave the house. she did get a amazing good job (very good at computers) but gave it up.

Not much advice sorry, but really think your parents should try something, before it gets worse.

Blossomhill Mon 13-Aug-07 09:13:46

Sounds like she could have some kind of asd. Albeit mild she still needs help. It's once the hormones kick in that problems can arise.
Your mum needs to admit there is a problem.
How is your sister at school?

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