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Soumia Sun 29-Sep-19 04:26:43

Dear mums...

My 2 autistic kids have clearly sensory needs...the LA refused putting OT is so frustrating...i am doing my own research to help them and hear of Sensory Smart' parenting course ...

Did any one do this course?

Can u plz share noted...ideas...etc

My son recently is driving me crazy by ripping/breakinb absolutely anything into small pieces and throwing it up again...

He loves seeing things moving up in the tree leaves on the wind...etc

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MollySusie Wed 02-Oct-19 21:42:47

I haven’t done the course, so I can’t offer any input for that.
But, my son has extensive sensory needs and only just have the OT involved after 8 months so I ended up just doing my own research too. I ended up putting together a daily toolbox of regulation activities to keep him on an even keel. There are some great websites like OTToolbox that offer practical activities and information from a lady who’s been there and done it. What I found helpful was to go through a “symptoms” list which helps you get together a rough sensory profile, something like
Then you know what to look for so far as activities/ ideas so it’s all tailored exactly for your little one.
I got the OT involved myself in the end rather than going through school: I went to the GP and asked for a referral. It took a couple of months as the GP was resistant, she seemed dismissive of sensory needs so I had to be very pushy! Might be worth a go as the LA are being difficult. Have they given you a reason why they won’t offer OT’s services?

Soumia Thu 03-Oct-19 07:46:23

Thanks you kjnd lady...

Is it true that speech could be delaued because of his sensory needs...which once met and modelled..speech would come out as a result??

Let m.know plz

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