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Babydan Babyden as travel cot

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r3dh3d Thu 09-Aug-07 18:18:43

Being as it's holiday time, I thought I'd post this fyi anyone who is still in a cot after the "standard" age of about 2 years which is when most travel cots seem to expire. (You probably all know this, but I didn't so I thought I should post it....)

For anyone who has a Babydan Babyden, you will realise they can be made into different shapes other than the hexagonal configuration. If you put it together as a rectangle (1 panel x 2 panels) then the dimensions are 122cm x 60cm.

It just so happens that the standard continental cot mattress (as available from Ikea for £29) is 60 x 120 cm.... and fits like a glove. The babyden is a bit heavy to fly with, but they now make a lightweight version though I don't know how robust that one is. Or you can chuck it into the car for closer trips.

silverfrog Thu 09-Aug-07 20:37:19

Genius! Many, many thanks - have been racking our brains for ideas on where dd will sleep if we want to go away as she's now too big for a travel cot, and PIL are desperate for us to visit so they can see dd2.

Dh will be pleased (as will PIL - hmmm, maybe I'll just keep it to myself for a bit longer )

dorisofdevon Fri 24-Aug-07 20:34:48

btw baby dan travel cot is also much bigger than standard travel cot haven't got size to hand tho'

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