School refusal

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ScottishMummy12 Fri 13-Sep-19 13:53:59

Hi has anyone have any advice on dealing with school refusal. My dd6 hasn't been in school all week and has had frequent days off since term started on 14th August.
She has asd and adhd. Does anyone have any advice on dealing with this?
We aren't getting any support from school haven't even been able to speak to senco or headteacher.

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Legoroses Sun 15-Sep-19 05:58:52

Why doesn't she want to go? Presumably something to do with new teacher/new classroom/new or more difficult teaching?

I'm in England so not sure about Scottish system but depending on your school there can be quite a big jump either at yr1 or yr2. Lots of children we know struggled at the beginning of yr2, but my eldest, who is autistic, was the one who showed it first and most strongly. And couldn't get into school without me. (I went with her and sat in the library with her because I thought that was better than staying at home. I'm not sure if it was now though.)

Basically they need to fix the thing that is bothering her and they need to help her come back. When dd moved to special school she was very traumatised by school and started very gradually and gently with lots of very motivating things for her to do.

Is there an autism education outreach school in your council that could come in and advise the school? Why haven't they been in touch with you? That doesn't sound very promising.

ScottishMummy12 Sun 15-Sep-19 08:16:13

She is getting no support in school her 1-1 retired at the end of last term and she hasn't been allocated a new one yet.
Her school has an autism advisor but tbh she doesn't have a clue she calls dds meltdowns tantrums and says it's attention seeking and won't listen to me or CAMHS when we try and explain it isn't.
I have sent an email asking for a meeting to try and get things sorted but so far haven't had a reply. Will try and contact the school again tomorrow.

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Legoroses Mon 16-Sep-19 07:21:38

God almighty, that is terrible. Poor dd and poor you.

Do you have a local parent forum? It should be on your LA's local offer web page. There might be people there who can help. I had someone from a local children's charity who was able to come with me to school meetings - it does make them buck up their ideas when they think there's another professional in the room.

Is the 1-1 from her EHCP? In which case they are legally obliged to provide that support.

Argh, I'm so cross for you. How can they not have been in touch?

The other service that might be useful is an educational psychologist? But you'll probably need the senco to ask them in.

Ellie56 Mon 16-Sep-19 15:02:48

We aren't getting any support from school

This is the problem. She is stressed out because school are not meeting her needs and it won't change until they do. Sorry I'm not familiar with the SEN system in Scottish schools. The only thing I can suggest is to look for an alternative school where they will meet her needs.

ScottishMummy12 Mon 16-Sep-19 17:20:56

She doesn't have an ehcp. They don't do them in Scotland. I managed to speak to the local authority today and they said that any support that is given is at the discretion of the school head.
She was off again today and still no contact from school. I phoned and spoke to the school office this morning and asked that they phoned me by lunchtime to arrange a meeting and I also sent in an email to the senco and head teacher, still waiting on a reply.
Think it is time to find another school.

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