Christmas holiday ideas for single mum and aspergers son

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flikC Sat 07-Sep-19 20:32:09

Hi all just wanted some advice really
To sum up always feel like I’ve failed at providing the classic family Christmas for my son (age 7), no close family, friends doing their own thing so will just be me and him this year.
I like the idea of going away because it’s out of my hands then to do the big busy family Christmas at home... he loves the water so maybe somewhere warmish in December with a heated pool? He is high functioning but would not cope in a kids club so I think it’s better to go somewhere without one so he doesn’t feel left out. Any ideas? I did think about Center Parcs but I don’t drive so wouldn’t be able do bring a lot of food etc, but maybe someone has been and thinks it’s worth it?

Any advice welcome!

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SleepyPaws Sat 07-Sep-19 21:47:39

Our 8yr old DS is high functioning and loves Centre Parcs. We have been going for the last few years and it's the one place he will go back to in a heartbeat. At home he doesn't like to go out and do activities/day trips but we have no problem getting him to engage whilst there. In fact it's the opposite, we come back exhausted as he constantly wants to be doing something!

We go to the one in Whinfell, there is a supermarket on site so you don't need to take anything with you. There are plenty of restaurants/bars, cafes and also an onsite takeaway.

It is expensive especially when you book activities but there's plenty to do without spending extra, our boy loves the pool and the play areas.

BringMoreCoffee Sun 08-Sep-19 02:35:53

Bluestone might be a bit cheaper, though perhaps hard to get to without a car. They have a big Kingdom of the Elves thing at Christmas. At CP I wouldn't worry about the food side, you could probably get a supermarket delivery or I've always thought the onsite supermarket is fine for a few days. Personally it's too expensive for it to be value for money for us. If you go, pick accommodation that is close to the centre, paying extra to choose the cabin if need be, though I think the flats tend to be central anyway. The fabulous thing about both is that they are so child friendly, but you do pay a lot for it. Bluestone has an indoor play centre which is great in bad weather.

For us, I think a quiet Christmas at home works better than a big, busy one anyway. Another idea might be a spa hotel for a couple of nights or find a good splash park or super-duper flume place (whereabouts in the country are you?) and stay somewhere nearby. If the Legoland hotel is open in winter that might be fab - he'd love the rooms and there is a play pool there too. Legoland itself would be closed I think. Alton Towers also has the Splash Landings hotel.

flikC Sun 08-Sep-19 19:06:29

Hi we are Oxford based so I think it’s a toss up between Woburn which travel wise is easier and just going abroad. We have been near to Barcelona before which was a manageable 2 hour flight l, don’t think I’d want to do more than 4. Center Parcs is very expensive but so is somewhere like Spain so it’s good to know it’s been worth it for some! We are staying at legoland tomorrow so glad you recommend it

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