Autism - 3 month old. Advice please.

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Strugglingmumm Mon 02-Sep-19 09:10:40


I’ve been reading lots of posts on here and thought I’d make my own as I’m desperate for some advice.

I have a 3 month old son who I am terribly worried about.

He rarely cries - has been the same since birth. In the last few weeks he has started to “fuss” (moan and wriggle) when something is not to his liking, but that’s about it. He’s very “easy”, and people’s comments about this is what got me worried.

His eye contact is not good. When on someone’s lap he will look everywhere but at them. He will engage with other people in the room - smiling and looking right at them - but they have to be at a little distance. When lying down on his changing mat or in his basket he also engages a bit better.

He started cooing a few weeks ago and was doing it lots for a week or so but has now gone quieter.

I feel that he is not meeting some other milestones either :

Brings his hands together and puts them in his mouth but yet to really look at them.

Still has his “stepping reflex” which I understand should have home by now.

He’s a gorgeous boy - loves looking around, tracks objects well, laughs when we sing or dance, feeds well.

I’m just so desperate to help him and professionals are only saying “wait and see”. Does anyone have recommendations for what I can be doing with him? We would pay for any intervention if it could help him.

Did anyone have a child who was similar at this age, and how did they get on?

Many many thanks.

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Tilly09 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:29:28

Hi I sadly have no recommendations. As I feel in the same boat as from when you posted. Do you have an update?

Strugglingmumm Sun 08-Dec-19 21:07:59


I’m sorry you’re worrying. It is such a scary place to be, especially so soon after birth with all the other emotions still whizzing around.

My little one is six months now and whilst I can’t say that I’m not worried any more, I’m definitely not panicked like I was a few months ago.

My boy is now just over 6 months and has come on so much - he will now let me know when he’s hungry or tired or fed up of an activity, his eye contact has improved massively, he loves people, laughs hysterically at games like peekaboo, he has stranger anxiety (cries when held by someone new and is then happy when he’s back with me), loves interacting with his mirror reflection, keen to get trying solid food (albeit he hasn’t actually worked out how to swallow anything much yet 😆), is super busy and way advanced physically (pulling to stand on furniture and pretty much crawling), he’s into everything and trying to get hold of any toy he can see, he was still quiet for a long time but has started to make a range of noises in the last two weeks - lots of aahs, ehhhs, yayayas and even a couple of dadas today. He has also started reaching back towards me when I go to pick him up, which I’m told is a really good sign.

Am I certain that he’s absolutely “fine”, no... there are things that concern me, and I still worry because of course I want him to be free of as many challenges as possible, but all I can do is help him to be his best self. And given how much he’s changed in the last 3 months I know I have to give him more time.

Try to enjoy your little one for now - you both deserve that - and give them a bit more time to develop as they’re still so little.

Feel free to pm me if you want to chat more. X

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Strugglingmumm Sun 08-Dec-19 21:37:16

P.S. loads of those positives that I listed above have only happened in the last few weeks. They do literally develop new skills overnight - one day no vocalising, next day lots.

I’m still in regular contact with my GP and HV (who think he’s fine but a bit quiet) and will see how things are at 12 months. If we still have concerns at that point we’ll make sure he starts getting the support he needs.

Sending best wishes to you and your little one x

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