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Using a T- Shirt to finally make my mum understand that DS3 has SN...

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MissesF Mon 06-Aug-07 14:34:23

I took alex to the special needs holiday scheme this morning and they gave me his club t-shirt which alex then asked me to 'show grandma' as i was off round there after dropping him off.

so when i show her...she looks genuinely SHOCKED and says 'but why is alex're not telling me that all 3 are like that too are you? He doesn't 'look' like he has it'

Eureka!!! She has finally got the message!
and all cos of a little red t shirt!!! but she still has alot to understand...and i have not the energy nor the need to convince her or any other family/neighbours etc anymore....i'll use my strength to be mum and wife (my husband has PTSD)

i've been trying to explain to her for 2 years that alex has SN..but is missing a label...that is all .... label or no label...he has SN.

it is hard for family to take this on board.

allthatglisters Mon 06-Aug-07 14:49:36

Yep, my DH's parents also come from denial-land where all is rosy and lovely! I don't look to them for any useful contribution regarding DS's needs now.

mymatemax Mon 06-Aug-07 20:22:38

I think it can be a generation thing.
My parents always ask how did ds get on at his latest appt but really don't want to hear the answer.
Even when he was dx with CP they never asked any questions or for any more info, their comment is always the same "OH but he's OK isn't he".

2mum Tue 07-Aug-07 14:19:44

It is annoying convincing people, it does take a lot out of you. But i naievly thought as my ds1 had sn my ds2 wouldnt, i couldnt have been more wrong my ds2 sn are of a far more greater nature than ds1.

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