EHCP appeal to include ABA: I need help/advice plz

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Soumia Thu 15-Aug-19 19:38:31

Dear mums

I am new in this wonderful forum.

Please help me by any advice...ideas...links... it is a very critical decision.

My autistic son 4.5 years old...has his EHCP accepted but:

I am in the process of getting his EHCP through an appeal to get ABA approved by LA...

My parental wish has been ignored since 12 months and LA are pushing for a special school.

(I will never accept special schools...due to numerous reason. So, please no need to convince me. Thanks).

My parental wish is either ABA home program (EOTAS). OR full time mainsteam but with ABA or...50% mainstream with ABA and 50% home ABA program.

I understand the LA rejecting ABA and that was expected from the start that s why I have a lawyer through legal aid.

(I left my career 2 years ago and cannot afford ABA as am on low income sad ....)

What I dont understand is:

* why LA are pushing for a special school which costs them.lots of money a way more than a mainstream?

* LA has been delaying the issuing of the final.EHCP since 8 months ...which is understandable...But Why

* my lawyer never took.any judicial.action against the LA delaying the process.
The deadline of the EHCP is feb 15th.

* now, because of 7 months of delay we even missed all the appeal.deadlines...

* what strikes me is my lawyer nowsuggesting that i take my son to special school in september otherwise LA will take action againsg me not iffering education for my son.

Do you have any advice?

I have the impression thd lawyer is working with the LA wish sad

I am thinking of changing the lawyer...but i am on low income...

Has any one has experience with that? Any advice please?

My son is homeschooled since 8 months with ABA intervention...and myself with my ABA staff we are collecting evidence to prove that ABA helped my son.

Has any one has experience with that? Any advice please?

I am his mother and being trained to be his 24 hrs ABA tutor to reduce the cost as well as to help his.. as no one knows him better than me..

An online egal advisers said better to go for a full time mainstream with ABA my chances to get part time mainstream.part time home are very slim.

Has any one has experience with that? Any advice please?

The main problems is that all schools in bristol are rejecting ABA as they are all work with LA...

I am stuck and needs help...

2 weeks left for school and my son has no place in a mainstream school...

The online legal advisor suggested i subscribe on the LA website for my son homeschooling from now to avoid judicial action against me when i dont send it to the special school in Sept

Has any one has experience with that? Any advice please?

Thanks for your help ...advice...

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ElyElyOy Thu 15-Aug-19 20:41:20

ABA isn’t supported in the UK generally though so I think you will struggle to get it funded.

Maybe speak to a specialist Autistic advice service like Sunshine or your local Autism support services.

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