immenant danger in my home for ASD son

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SJa11 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:55:12

My son is 4 years old he’s on the high end of the spectrum very severe ASD sleep disorder spd ODD
I currently live in a high rise block of flats with balconies and windows that open wide

I have addressed these issues with my council
If anything happens to my child who’s held accountable
I also have other children to attend to

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SJa11 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:11:49

May I add, because I’m a social housing tenant
They should have a due regard with disabled children. I have toke pictures of my home to show the health and safety issues

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youarenotkiddingme Wed 14-Aug-19 18:35:29

I would enrage your paediatrician and ot etc. They are generally really helpful.

cormorantyes Wed 14-Aug-19 18:41:32

If you can get evidence, eg pictures of the open windows PLUS a health visitor or GP or pead to say they consider your child is at immediate risk of harm then contact the council's homeless team and say it is unsafe for you to remain in the property and you are therefore homeless.
You may be put in temporary accommodation and you will know what standards that can be.

EggysMom Thu 15-Aug-19 08:03:58

Ask your OT to arrange for balcony & window locks to be fitted.

LightTripper Thu 15-Aug-19 09:55:38

This could be the kind of situation where your local councillor and MP's office could also be helpful?

SJa11 Fri 16-Aug-19 17:59:25

Thank you for all your input. My councilor is coming tomorrow to see us. I’m going to show him around

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imip Fri 16-Aug-19 18:04:56

Yes,OT should organise a risk assessment and then provide locks etc as necessary. I have an ASD 10 year old dd. We own a 3 storey home and OT still came out and did the risk assessment and provided the locks/alarms etc. We declined some as we could do it ourselves but really needed to think it through with people who did this regularly.

NoBaggyPants Fri 16-Aug-19 18:05:16

You can buy window locks on Amazon, they're easy to fit.

If you fall to take reasonable measures yourself, then in the event of an accident it would be you that is responsible.

Waveysnail Mon 19-Aug-19 16:54:05

You can buy some great locks for windows. As for balcony keep door locked at all times and keys on your person or in a lockkey code box. We had to do this for front and back door of our house.

Waveysnail Mon 19-Aug-19 16:55:22

You could also approach family fund for a grant to make the balcony secure such as installing metal cage so you can still access the balcony safely

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