Lead poisoning can cause autism or speech delay?

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Soumia Sat 10-Aug-19 20:16:58

Dear all

Are there any mums who had experience with detoxifying lead in their kids blood?

My 4.5 old son is diagnosed since 2 year of autism.

He has high levels of lead since more than 3 years.
(Due to pika...he shewed a paint in an old house)

Could this lead cause him speech delay?

I have researcged online and found that leadpoisoning cause traits similar to autism.

Hope there are mum who can share their experience or advise me.

Thanks mumsnet

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Legoroses Wed 14-Aug-19 23:45:36

Are you in the UK? What did your gp say?

I think you need to steer well clear of anything that isn't provided by the NHS because of lot of this chelation stuff is pure snake oil.

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