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DS3 obsesssion...Quadbikes

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ClutterJunkie Fri 03-Aug-07 09:49:25

have posted generally in chat...but wanted your help too.

alex (8rs) has been on about quad bikes for the past year...something more than the 'baby' motorised ones...something that suits up to age 12.

he spends hours searching the internet...i've had to change my ebay password as he is at risk of buying one without my consent!!!!

my only real issue is where he could use it if we ever got one?

safety issues we will look into next...sound odd i know...but at the moment i'm focussed on telling him where and where he cannot use one. as he has this image of riding it around where we live...on the paths....and i am having real struggles convincing him that he won't just be able to go out for a ride. i'm certain we'll have to drive out somewhere (local race track????dissused airfield!!!!!) to enable him to use it!

coppertop Fri 03-Aug-07 10:40:45

Do you have any activity places near you where he could go to try one out to see if he likes the real thing? They will probably also be able to tell you about local places you can go to. Generally I think you can only use them on private land.

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