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SteeperThanHell Sat 20-Jul-19 08:09:01

I’d really appreciate some advice about our 12 year old DS, although I’m not really sure where to start.

He’s the middle of 3 boys and has a diagnosis of dyslexia. I suppose I’ve always known that there is more, but have in general been made to feel that I’m worrying about nothing, that he’s fine etc, but as he gets older the difference between him and his peers is becoming more obvious.

He’s just finished year 7. Towards the end of year 6 we had a second Ed Psych report done privately who said that if his concentration didn’t improve she would suggest a assessment for ADD (the first report done 3 years earlier has said there was no problem with his concentration - I was always a little sceptical about that). However having spoken to a Peadiatrician I know (and who also knows DS) she doesn’t think he would meet the criteria for NHS assessment).

During primary he was given some support with his dyslexia, but on tests has never performed well. He’s now in a very small private school, but progress over the last year has been minimal.

The main issues that have been highlighted by his teachers are that he is helpful (sometimes too helpful and it becomes an issue), lacks concentration, shouts out in class, is very chatty and doesn’t take care over his work.

At home he is very difficult (especially with me) and also very loving - he really can be the most the lovely boy. He is very easily bored, doesn’t really get on with his brothers, does silly things and will go on and on if you tell him ‘no’. On the other hand he can be very helpful, does lots to help us and his grandfather and performs well in one sport that he loves.

We are on day 3 of a holiday and he is making it hell. He’s bored and wants to constantly be doing something (usually something that costs money) - I’m happy to pay for an extra activity of two, but with three children wanting different things he can’t have something every day. When he’s bored he’s winding up his little brother, being loud around the pool and irritating everyone around us - and he doesn’t care - anything I say just winds him up more.

I see a very bleak future for him, no GCSEs, no job, no friends and it’s heartbreaking when all I want is for him to be the best he can.

Any advice or strategies to help him would be appreciated.

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SteeperThanHell Mon 22-Jul-19 17:59:29

I’m just giving this a nudge in case anyone has any advice.

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Mummy0ftwo12 Mon 22-Jul-19 21:40:03

I would still go for the assessment, I was told twice by our paediatrician had classic autism but on a full multi disciplinary assessment he was diagnosed with something else.

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