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How long for DLA decision?

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Jenkeywerewolf Thu 26-Jul-07 14:17:56

I'm getting jumpy every time the post comes - we sent forms back 3 weeks ago then a week later got a letter saying that they had requested a consultant report. I'm not feeling very hopeful as the consultant tends to 'look on the bright side' and does not have a clue about our nights when we are up massaging sore limbs and all the other extra stuff we do which doctors just don't see. I have a horrible sinking feeling that we're not going to get anything for dd and if that's the case then I want to know now so I can get and appeal. Is it generally good or bad when they take ages to decide?

SouthEastLondonMummy Thu 26-Jul-07 16:07:11

Our DD2 is 6 months with left hemiplegia and possible epilepsy. As she had frequent, difficult to control seizures after birth, we emphasized these in the forms, and have been awarded DLA. They did contact us to say they were going to await a consultant's report before they decided, and he had told me that DD2 was not likely to qualify for DLA as all babies need loads of care. However, he's a real pessimist, and I think that worked in our favour (tho is obviously v disheartening in general!). I would say it took 8 weeks from posting the forms for the decision to come through.

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