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DLA renewal- a wee bit of a rant sorry

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jambuttie Thu 26-Jul-07 12:59:48

Got the forms in for DS2- due up in January.

I have started filling them in and TBH am dreading sending them away!!

We had to fight for him last time( they only awarded him middle rate care for a yr) refused reconsideration and we went to a tribunal and were awarded.

I don't think I have the strength to go through the whole process again.

We also had to go to tribunal for DS3( they are twins) however he was awarded it till 2010 on high rate care and mobility.

Have been taking my time with the renewal form, printed out cerebra info too. If it ain't bad enough that I have SN children I have the possibility of another tribunal that I just can't do

ANyway thanks for listening


Spacecadet Thu 26-Jul-07 13:05:50

I can sympathise..although I havent applied on behalf of a child, I have just been tghrough a lengthy process in my application for DLA for myself..applied last November and was eventually awarded personal care and mobility at tribunal in June..It was an exhausting and mentally draining process but I couldnt have got through it without the support of a friend who had trained in benefits rights...

jambuttie Thu 26-Jul-07 17:33:56

It is so draining spacecadet, I only hope this time things go more smoothly,

Spacecadet Thu 26-Jul-07 19:03:53

keeping my fingers crossed for you...if you can get someone from welfare rights to help you with your renewal..ive ben told that they are fab at offering support and help for DLAA applications

Spacecadet Thu 26-Jul-07 19:04:20

oops letter a keeps sticking, meant DLA

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