Possible ADHD?

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Mummybear17 Wed 19-Jun-19 19:47:30

Hi I’m hoping for some reassurance here.
Our third child is 3.5 years old. He’s always been very active since he started moving and since he’s been walking even more so.
Our concern is his high energy. He is constantly touching things making a mess all over the house . Won’t sit and do an activity with me and most seriously he refuses to hold my hand and will run away at any opportunity. It’s dangerous. He will run ahead in a flash inside private grounds where there can be a few cars driving around. Unless he has his hand held at all times he will run away. He is like a dog that hasn’t been out for a walk all week.
I’m utterly exhausted and saddened by his behaviour.
I have two children of 6&8 and I am embarrassed by him all the time trying to run into their friends houses if I am dropping them home and I can’t hold a conversation with anyone as I have to be watching him or running after him constantly.

I spoke to the doctor today as he was there for a check up and he said they can’t refer to a paediatrician until he’s around 4. I am just at my wits end. I feel so sad about this situation. He should be a joy to be with but he’s mostly just ruining all of our family outings with this hyperactive behaviour.

My older child has ASD so i already have a lot to cope with. I’m a full time mum. I’m pretty much alone as my family don’t live nearby.

Any advice on this would be really helpful if you have a child like this that improves or if it’s something that will improve or also any strategies i can use. School runs are just turning into a terrible daily nightmare.

Many thanks

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Medee Mon 24-Jun-19 12:01:15

Hi MummyBear, sorry you haven't had a reply. My 8yo has ADHD but it took her reaching school for the diagnosis to be suspected and then confirmed. Can you contact a local charity who can advise on whether the age 4 referral is correct? Also, even without a diagnosis they may be able to provide you with support.

vasillisa Mon 24-Jun-19 21:13:48

I agree with Medee, there may be local support groups. Is there a home start group near you? You can be referred by health visitor or GP. We had a volunteer (now friend) who came to us when DS was 3 and I had chronic fatigue. Our DS has just been diagnosed ADD, and I have to restrain nr roads too. He's not wildly hyper but does display some impulsive behaviour. There are things you can do with older children so they can learn to self monitor but 3.5 too young for these things. I would ask GP to refer as wait times for paed appt can be easily 6 months. If you have the spare cash you could go private to a child psychologist I suppose. I think I'd wait but try to get practical support via Health visitor team in the mean time.
There is a standard set of questions the paed will ask called connors3. Google it to see how many boxes he ticks. It is something that can well improve with age. It will impact school so good to identify and get support for you and him in place asap.

vasillisa Mon 24-Jun-19 21:16:06

Christopher Green's Understanding ADHD was good for a starter read. Its dated now in terms of meds etc but a good intro and aimed at parents. I got mine from a library.

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