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DD has been awarded DLA

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deepbreath Tue 24-Jul-07 16:30:48

After asking the DWP to look at the claim again, they changed their mind

She has been awarded middle rate care and higher rate mobility.

So, my question is... is it straightforward to apply for a Motability car, and what are the hidden "catches"?

I know I won't have to pay road tax/insurance etc. but I wondered if there's anything bad that I should know, before I commit myself!

I'm just panicking a bit now as well, as I haven't driven for 18 months... I'm seriously thinking about having a refresher course [gulp]

2shoes Tue 24-Jul-07 17:24:44

well i haven't found any hidden catches.
and we are on our 3rd one

electra Wed 25-Jul-07 12:38:12

Message withdrawn

jenk1 Wed 25-Jul-07 13:34:03

oh well done, we got our mobility car in april and it was just so straightforward. it was show letter,pick car,get a delivery date, get a form stamped from the job centre and pay any deposit if there is one and drive away on the day.

REally really easy.

onlyjoking9329 Wed 25-Jul-07 22:50:04

next to DLA forms the getting of a car is very easy.

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