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Great New (obvious) Discovery for Making PECs!!

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Davros Mon 23-Jul-07 16:47:43

I needed to make some PECs for Marmite and Twiglets. Normally I would take a photo or photocopy the packaging, THEN I had a brainwave!!
I went to the Ocado site (expect other internet shopping sites also have photos), searched for both products and copied the photo of the product. It cut and pasted easily into Word and I could resize the picture, make as many as I wanted and hey presto!
FANTASTIC I thought.....

KarenThirl Mon 23-Jul-07 18:00:08

I do the same thing with Google image searches. You can find a photo of just about every brand imaginable. Handy for obscure stuff.

moondog Mon 23-Jul-07 19:42:22

Brilliant! Noted.

moondog Mon 23-Jul-07 19:45:32

Have been playing around with this.

God,how wonderful.Hasn't ICT made the whole world of A/AC so much easier? I was cutting and pasting (not the virtual sort) every darned thing only 10 years ago!

gess Mon 23-Jul-07 20:17:43

Amazon for DVDs etc - have done that before. Never thought of resizing in Word though (durr)

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