Unusual vomiting

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Indigo164 Sat 08-Jun-19 09:27:10

My son is fed via a jejunostomy, however, for the past few weeks, he has been vomiting at least once a day.

He is teething at the moment so there is more saliva which may be contributing to this, however, I was wondering if there were any possible other reasons?

A couple of things that I've noticed are:

- It seems to happen around the same time each day, which is at night time just before he goes to sleep. He becomes a little unsettled beforehand, so we know it is about to happen, and then vomits up all the saliva that is in his stomach. We use the suction machine to clear his mouth, give him some high flow oxygen, and then a few minutes later he is totally happy again and goes to sleep.

- The past couple of nights we have sat him up in his bed to see if this would help keep the vomit down, however, at the very instant that he is moved from a lying position to a seated position he is vomiting. It is almost as if there is something mechanical that is triggering the vomit as he moves from one position to the other?

Any thoughts or similar experiences? We've asked our community nursing team about it who have advised to continue to manage it as we have been and see if it improves. He does not have any fever or other signs of illness but I'm just concerned about the risk of aspiration if there was ever an event where we could not manage to roll him on his side in time.

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