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DD1's big day out...

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eidsvold Mon 23-Jul-07 03:44:10

Just a little sharing here....

We usually try to do something with the dds on the weekend. Usually boils down to just taking them to the park etc as dd1 does not always cope with big days out. We bit the bullet on the weekend and planned a big day/morning out for Saturday.

We went out for breakfast - the dds were fab - ate nicely and no moaning about not being able to play on the play equipment. ( we went to mcD's)

We then drove into the city and parked at one of the big parks. We took the girls on a ferry trip - they are huge catamaran shaped boats that cruise up and down the river - the dds loved it - even though we were out the back near the engines and water etc. Dd1 was fascinated - dh and I thought she would hate it and it would be our first breakdown of the day.

city cat

We then went to Southbank. The girls played really nicely on the play equipment. Dd1 did not mind that there were lots of kids there. She had a ball.


We then went to another area for another play - jsut a bit scarier - dd1 is in run away mode at the moment- and this was not fenced!! But she did okay.

We stopped for icecream. We went back on the city cat to the park for picnic lunch.

pic of New Farm Park

Then we packed two very tired but happy dds into the car.

Dd3 coped with being in the pram and the sling and being dragged about.

Dd1 even asked to go to the toilet and did a wee on the toilet ( we are in the midst of toilet training).

We arrived home six hours later all knackered BUT really pleased at what had been one of our most if not the most successful day out we have had.

eidsvold Mon 23-Jul-07 03:48:31

one little moan - had big 3 wheeler buggy loaded with bags, dd1 had been in the buggy - and dd3 was in sling. I was hanging onto buggy to stop it tipping up and trying to rock dd3 whilst standing and travelling on ferry.

Some tosspot trying to be funny to his mates - pretends to kick the front wheel of the buggy so it would tip into the river and then wets himself laughing as to how hilarious that would be. He oughta count himself very bloody lucky my hands were full or he would have caught one.

Not funny in the least and I fixed him with a death stare and mutter tosser under my breath. Then when we tried to get off the ferry - have to go through the inside seating are to the front to disembark - everyone else moved so I could get buggy and me through when I asked very politely. He just stood there - I would have rammed him with the buggy had his wife not seem my withering look and dragged him out the way.

I just said to dh it makes me wonder what goes through some people's head. anyway - over now did not let that spoil the day.

just so proud of dd2 - who did a lot of walking for a little one. Dd1 coped just fab with lots of people and noise etc. Very proud to be their mummy ( as I always am.)

Bethron Mon 23-Jul-07 10:54:13

Message withdrawn

Bethron Mon 23-Jul-07 10:54:32

Message withdrawn

Sidge Mon 23-Jul-07 14:13:12

Glad you had a great day out.

You should have rammed that plonker into the river - would have taught him a lesson!

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