DLA claim - acknowledgement of receipt?

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Midlandsmum23 Fri 31-May-19 10:50:10

I sent off my first claim for DLA for 10 year old DS two weeks ago. Does the DWP normally acknowledge receipt of the claim form and how long does it usually take them to do this? If anyone has claimed DLA recently, I would also be interested to know how long it took the DWP to process your claim. Many thanks in advance

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vasillisa Tue 25-Jun-19 14:12:06

Took around 6 weeks here. They sent txt message to me to say rec'd. I always send signed for so I know and can prove they have had it.

floramcdougal Tue 25-Jun-19 14:15:31

Did you send it signed for? DWP are good at at losing paperwork. If you give them a call they can tell you if it’s been logged into their system

AndMyBirdCanSing Tue 25-Jun-19 14:19:46

I have always had a text message and a letter to acknowledge receipt, usually within 2-3 weeks. The actual process takes around 6-8 weeks.

Fedupmum88 Wed 03-Jul-19 08:47:23

Have you heard anything back yet? I applied the week before you. Had a text about 2 weeks after to say they’ve recieved the claim but nothing since then.

Midlandsmum23 Wed 03-Jul-19 09:12:04

Thank you for all of the replies, so far.
Fedupmum88 I had an acknowledgement of receipt soon after I started this thread, but sadly no other news since then. It's been 7 weeks now, so must be 8 weeks for you. Surely it can't be too much longer. Every day I keep hoping that today will finally be the day the letter arrives, but then it isn't!

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Fedupmum88 Wed 03-Jul-19 11:21:05

@Midlandsmum23 I keep checking my bank as when my eldest got awarded we had the payment first before the letter.

I did try calling last week but gave up after 20 mins on hold that music they use is so annoying! I hope you hear something soon.


KisstheTeapot14 Wed 03-Jul-19 12:24:21

We got a payment before letter too. They backdate to when claim form recd by them so watch your bank account. Letter came within 2 days after. Good luck.

Don't forget to write to tax credit child credit folk if you get DLA as can have an impact in a good way.

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