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Barratts Esophagitis / syndrome / diseace

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mulsey Sat 21-Jul-07 17:56:27

Just wondering if anyone elses child has been diagnosed with this, and how you cope with the continued reflux after the peg has been placed...

FioFio Sat 21-Jul-07 20:43:25

Message withdrawn

dizzy34 Sun 22-Jul-07 11:41:04

I dont know about the condition but my son had continued reflux when the peg was placed. He then changed the peg to a mickey button and then had a fundoplication, pylorplasty and a vagotemy. The fundoplication stops the reflux, the other two procedures (which ive prob spelt wrong) make the tummy empty quicker. He hasnt had reflux much since the op.

I presume you are on the usual reflux meds, losec (omeprazole), rinitidine, motillium?

kreamkrackers Sun 22-Jul-07 12:16:06

have you spoken to anyone at the hospital about this?

my dd1 had continued reflux for a long time after she had her peg. it did eventually settle itself with high doses of domperidone and ranitidine. some people say the reflux stops as the stomach muscles strengthen but we don't think it does we believe it's the medicines, dd1's stomach does still balloon out and even though she's 3 she can only handle 100ml of milk with a 20ml flush. she now takes sips of water throughout the day and eats so i can handle doing a few of these a day and she nolonger needs her continuoes night time pump although the pump comes in handy when she's ill and has to be put on dyoralite.

your local nurse can supply you with a suction machine to help with the cleaning up, dd1 didn't like the machine so we just cleaned it ourselfs and got money from the family fund to help get her extra clothes and bedding we needed.

it really is a hard time but once the reflux settles it does get easier, i hope you get help soon.

mulsey Sun 22-Jul-07 20:39:31

The thing was the reflux had settled with all the meds, and it seems for reasons explained to me that the peg has irritated it - this may settle down. The fundoplication will now probably happen before christmas, because of the barretts diagnosis - which is such a worry, knowing that your child has a higher chance of developing cancer...
We are not on the rinitidine - what does that do? But we are on the domperidome and losec. Our surgeon will not put a button in until my daughter has had the peg for 18 months.

Also is the suction machine for cleaning up all the reflux sick? Goodness that dark brown stuff is so hard to shift...

Thanks for you replies, its very kind of you...

kreamkrackers Sun 22-Jul-07 22:36:46

ranitidine helps to reduce the acid to help stop the pain from the reflux like gaviscon would. we're under alder hey, we got told we could have a mic-key after 4 months so maybe question it again or even see if you could get a different consultant to agree to it.

oh and yes the suction machine cleans up the sick like the machines they use in the hospitals.

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