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Griffiths test/ scale? What does it actually do ?

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mrspitt Sat 21-Jul-07 11:48:14

My ds nearly 6 had an initial paediatric assessment for ADHD this week.

At the appointment the Dr. has said that she doesn't think from the information provided from myself and his school and from the actual time spent with him ( an hour ) that it indicates ADHD.Which i'm really quite relieved about but there is definately "something" IYKWIM.

She said that she would do a developmental test with him called the Griffiths test. Now i know a little about this but i'm just wondering if the fact she is going to do this with him means she may suspect something else or would they do it anyway as routine?

Also does it actually indicate anything, is it useful? I have read a bit and i know people think its good and others don't.
Any advice or help greatly appreciated!

moondog Sat 21-Jul-07 14:39:03

It bsically involves asking you a lot of questions and giving small toys and objects to your child and seeing how he manipulates them.

The language part is quite weak (am a salt and this is feeling of all my colleagues) but it throws up useful info.

The person who does it should not make you feel as if anyone of you is tested or examined. I have sat in on a few and in my experience,it is a good chance for parents to air their concerns.

mrspitt Sat 21-Jul-07 15:42:22

Thanks moondog.

Sounds a bit like what we already did at first meeting. His speech has greatly improved, enough so, that the salt is discharging him for the time being .
So the language part (hope i've got the right idea here) is not a huge concern for me.

Suppose you worry whatever happens and even though you're not meant to feel like you're being tested, it still feels like it for me!

moondog Sat 21-Jul-07 16:50:07

I know.

But...bear in mind that the purpose of these things is not to catch you out but to help you and your child.

alycat Sat 21-Jul-07 17:26:22

Also it is quite good for a baseline to judge future developments against.

When my DS had his first he was rated as 50% behind chronological age (at 20mths)in all 5 areas, he is now only 30% behind (at 34mths). So actually for us it has been positive, as I can see the hard work is paying off.

I always have in mind that he does more for me than when a stranger asks him to do a task so not 100% accurate.

Good luck.

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