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well.........the holidays have started!!!

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magsi Fri 20-Jul-07 17:25:43

I am determined to have a fun-filled time with the kids these summer holidays. Ds1 has just finished for good at his sn school (very sad but feeling positive at the same time) and will be going full time to ms school from September. There are lots of fun and games when our three kids get together at the moment, you know the ones, killing each other, fighting and generally being nasty. But other times, they play really great and leave me feeling really proud. So I am determined to start these holidays pushing that feeling of dread to the back of my mind and looking forward to some great family time and fun. (Don't you get the feeling reading this thread that I am trying to kid myself ). Anyway we are off to Wales next weekend......with our raincoats, wetsuits etc......

anniebear Sat 21-Jul-07 06:51:59

lol, they sound like my 2!!

Hope you have a good time and enjoy your holiday

No harm in being positive!!!

I have in my head that I am really going to enjoy my time with them and we are going to have a nice time together the same time I have a funny feeling by Monday Morning I will be screaming or crying!!

we go away on Monday after we have been to a party in the morning

Heres to a stress free 6 weeks lol

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