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LEA have called a meeting for this tuesday

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jenk1 Fri 20-Jul-07 16:06:37

with the head of the SEN dept, whooo are they taking us seriously for once, could it be anything to do with the email i sent the exec director telling him that his council has discrimnated against DS and failed to educate him for 2 years?
Anyway they want to discuss the independent school, why i asked we can do that at tribunal, she said she would really like us to come so i said ok but im bringing my rep and i would like an agenda of what you want to discuss she has agreed.
so i got a phonecall from IPSEA, my tribunal support worker is also coming!!!!!
she said they dont normally do this but they want to make sure the LEA are not trying to wiggle out of anything and cos i have AS and dont always realise when they are pulling the wool over my eyes they feel its necessary.
so thats me and DH and IPSEA and psychologist going on tuesday, im hoping they will say yes to DS having a place at the school in september.

dustyFawkes Fri 20-Jul-07 16:07:39

Oooh thats sounds promising. Good luck jenk

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