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Those enzymes are a bit clever, aren't they?!

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kitegirl Thu 19-Jul-07 17:40:41

Here's a biomed sceptic having a bit of a celebration. Started DS1 (ASD) on Peptizyde (too busy to link as teatime hell) from Houston Nutraceuticals, we have been GF for a while and CF for a short while, first the diet made a difference and then not and it just became a pain in the arse. Literally overnight my underweight, fussy eater started hoovering up everything I put in front of him - bowls of casseroles, omelettes, even asking for more. He's looking very healthy now, three weeks later, and has put on some good weight! His eye contact is miles better, and for the first time he 'played' with his little brother. He is making fast progress on his programme as well. And, we are off the diet, good riddance, without any ill effects. Enzymes are my friend now.

frascati Thu 19-Jul-07 18:10:33

How do I find out more kg?

Great news btw

DangerousBeans Thu 19-Jul-07 18:12:43

Excellent news, kitegirl.

kitegirl Fri 20-Jul-07 10:46:37

Here's the link I made the mistake of buying them from the US website, and had to pay import duty. I think Mandimart is a UK website that sells them. I think is the website.

A very informative website is, I used it to find out which enzyme to get and dosing.

Yesterday he came to me and showed me a drawing he had made!! I cried.

gess Fri 20-Jul-07 12:34:35

mandy will get them to you about a day after ordering as well.

If you join treating autism you can choose a book on enzymes as your free gift!

frascati Fri 20-Jul-07 14:35:33

Would I need to see a pro about this though?

sphil Mon 23-Jul-07 22:37:31

Gess - does Mike Ash ever recommend enzymes? I must admit I'm getting more and more fed up with gf. DS2 has to be cf (and egg/nut/citrus/berry/apple free) because they make his eczema flare up, so going gf as well has made his diet soooo restricted. We haven't seen dramatic changes in anything except sleep since going gf - on the other hand sleep means a lot! On the odd occasion he's stolen some gluten containing foods he's had loose bowels but no behavioural changes, and no sleeplessness either. So hard to know what to do.

gess Tue 24-Jul-07 12:14:23

I'm not sure what he thinks sphil. Anecdotally some children seem to do better or the same on enzymes. Some worse. I (of course) could never get the damn things into ds1 grrr, but definitely worth trying if it will expand a restricted diet imho.

Talk to Mandi- her ds is on enzymes and eating g and c (switched from gfcf)

kitegirl Tue 24-Jul-07 18:04:54

gess I know what you mean about trying to get them in - luckily ds1 is happy to take his in powder form mixed with apple juice (only apple juice though!)

I have the same problem with omega 3. Even the so called vanilla flavoured (= fish with vanilla essence, hello, it's still yucky!) Eye Q he detects from miles away. I've given up now and will wait until he is old enough to take capsules....

Graciefer Tue 24-Jul-07 20:11:46

I am very interested in trying this and was just wandering which enzyme people use?

My DS is 4.5 and has been CF for around a year now, we had his urine tested at Sunderland and it came back as nothing unusual for Gluten and an unclear result for Casein. We put this down to the fact that we had him on soya milk for over 6 months, although we did go back to cows milk for a few weeks before the test (which was a nightmare).

Our main concern with DS is his bowel movements, he has always had very loose stools and no matter what we have tried to remedy this nothing has worked.

We have seen a dietician who suggested we removed all cow protein from his diet, which we have done. Although his bowel movements are slightly better, it still isnt right.

Our paed has had him RAST tested along with all sorts of other blood tests, all of which come back normal.

He has no allegies and the only answer we have so far is a 'perhaps' intolerence to cow protein, as told to us by his dietician. This is probably right as we can tell if he has managed to 'borrow' someones food at school which contains milk as his nappy always gives him away.

However like I said, even removing the cow protein hasn't helped his movements as much as we would like.

That is why we would like to try out these enzymes, as if they worked it would help us so much with toilet training, smearing, swimming, widening his very limited diet and I just know it would make him feel so much more comfortable.

I know there are a couple of good sites listed here, but I am struggling to get my head around them, so if anyone could perhaps tell me what products they use and why and maybe what results they have seen so far, I would be eternally grateful.

gess Tue 24-Jul-07 21:57:14

Go for Mandi Mart. If you use capsules (for her brand) give them about 20 mins to 30 mins before food. if you empty a capsule or use pwder give it with the food.

I melted choclate then when it was cool but still soft emptied capsules in them and froze. To give with food. DS1 wouldn't have it though!

gess Tue 24-Jul-07 21:57:36

PS what did you think of THAT letter from the LEA???

gess Tue 24-Jul-07 22:00:48

I'm hopelessly behind at the moment, but here's something I wrote about enzymes

Graciefer Tue 24-Jul-07 22:15:46

Thanks for the advice, I take it I should look at buying either AFP Petizyde or Peptizyde from the Houston Enzymes range for DS needs?

He is pretty good with accepting things in his drinks, thats how we gave him his Iron supplement when the paed told us he had an Iron deficiency and how we get him to take ibuprofen when needed.

So fingers crossed the powder form may work for us.

I guess you are talking about the Estover Campus letter. To be honest I am always dubious when it comes to these BSF ideas and I hate the whole PFI money going into our schools.

I was told a while back that our school might be joining the Southway campus (again PFI) and I wasn't sure how I felt at the time. The school definately needs improvement (ideally knocked down and rebuilt) but I felt uneasy about the idea of it getting moved to Southway. However I don't think there is much to that rumour now.

I am sure secondary satellite will definately benefit some pupils, I just find the whole 'Every Disabled Child Matters' line a bitter pill to swallow, when it comes from our LEA.

Particulary as DH worked for Children's Services for a while as a Youth Development Worker, so we know first hand what a shame it all is.

Graciefer Tue 24-Jul-07 22:17:36

Of course if I am talking about the wrong letter, please forgive me and remind me what other letters we have had recently.

My mind is all hazy and summer holidays haven't even begun yet, lol.

gess Wed 25-Jul-07 08:56:46

Ah Graciefer- same as me then- very dubious. Our do trust our new head- he seems pretty switched on, and talked a bit about it when he had that coffee morning.

I was a little concerned (more than a little!) about the "21st Century Special School'. I assume that was reference to combining M + D. Whilst I agree re the buildings I have no idea how a combined M and D could work. Very different schools. I'm going to try really hard to go to the first coffee morning next year to get the gossip.

Ha ha and know the haziness well......

Graciefer Wed 25-Jul-07 12:49:24

I hope to make more coffee mornings next term, as DS will be 5 days a week.

Been hard to make them on Mondays, as he hasn't been at school on those days as that is the day they take the class out.

We will catch up eventually, I know it, lol

Graciefer Wed 25-Jul-07 12:51:23

On the enzyme front, I have done some more reading and I am pretty sure 'Peptizyde SCD capsules' is what I need to try.

I have e-mailed Mandi and also posted on EnzymesAndAutism Yahoo Group to double check though.

If anyone else has any enzyme stories to share, I would love to hear them.

Graciefer Fri 27-Jul-07 21:14:03

Just a little update, after talking to Mandi from she was kind enough to offer me some advice and send some samples.

The samples arrived today, so we will be starting DS on Zyme Prime tomorrow building up to starting on AFP Peptizyde in a fortnights time.

I am hoping that perhaps this will be the thing that final helps sort out his digestion and loose stools problems.

I will definately let you all know how I get on.

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