Best place to raise SN child

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Indigo164 Fri 17-May-19 20:51:14

We currently live in Central London and have been very impressed by the medical and community support provided for our son who has complex needs.

I was, however, wondering if there are any areas in England or Scotland that are considered to be particularly good in terms of raising children with special needs? And if so, what is it that has set them apart?

We are not planning to move in the short term but it would be something we consider in the medium term, however I imagine that this will be quite an undertaking when we get around to it!

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x2boys Mon 20-May-19 07:07:09

I think services are very variable across the UK ,my son has severe autism and learning disabilities, in my town in the North West of England there are two S/N primary schools,Two S/N secondary schools, several charitable organisations set up for activities,day trips etc for children with disabilities, holiday clubs people can accesss,I think we are pretty well catered for however other places have very little .

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