Global development delays

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Roseboss Sun 12-May-19 22:12:34

Hi everyone
My daughter is 41 months (3 years old) . Our first language is Arabic but we also speak English as we live in UK. My daughter understands English better and she also speak English but when she was 2 I have noticed that she has speech delay so I spoke with Healthvisitor and also informed nursery before registration. She is the only child and I have no family and most of our friends do not have children but when she went to nursery they told me that she has speech delay and they cannot communicate with her . They said they think that she has Autism but when we went for speech therapy the lady said my daughter is sociable and communicate very well and she understands and has eye contact and learn things rapidly. When we are out she plays with children and she also follows directions accordingly. So we changed her nursery and the nursery staff told me that she has settled beautifully and her English is very good however she said that my daughter is very tall and she walks like toddlers and in our family all of us walk like this so I checked this twice with GP they said that she is fine . The lady told me that she wanted to do the global development delay form and she is only concerned for walking and I feel so confused because people have different opinions on my daughter and I can see that she understands and communicate but she is behind and as our culture is different I accompanied my daughter every time and do not know what to do she is very good in learning but global development is something else

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SJa11 Wed 29-May-19 19:25:45

Global developmental delays isn’t something that goes away so everything will be more clear with time. I suggest you push for developmental paediatrician from your GP and pass your concerns to them they will assess her and follow her development in the next year or two then I will become apparent.

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