Divorce when you have a SN child!?

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ginpink Tue 07-May-19 21:34:50

I want to leave my husband as he is just horrid to me. Tells me he hates me, treats me like free childcare without appreciating me, my work (I'm part time due to our DC) isn't appreciated at all even though we rely on my income too. I could go on. Feel like I'm living in fear waiting for him to tell me the next reason why I'm crap.

But I'm exhausted. How will I cope with it all on my own? He's great with the kids.

We have a non verbal son with a severe speech disorder. I'm facing the fight of my life getting him an EHCP.

Has anyone else done it alone!?

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Originallymeonly Thu 16-May-19 22:48:20

I've been divorced 1 year, son diagnosed ASD for 2 years.
Part of the reason for the divorce was my ex husband blaming my parenting for the Autism, as well as telling me that a good smack will sort him out.
Since he finally left the spare bedroom (10 months after starting the divorce and 2 months before it was finalised) life at home has been so much easier for me.
No more hyperstimulated child. No more demanding he wears smart clothes that make him itch, no more enforced conversation and no more high pitched squealing to block out daddy shouting.
His dad sees him every week and me and school Cope with the fallout of the transition.
It sounds twee but happy mum = happy children, even if you don't think they're aware of the atmosphere.
Pop over r to relationship board for divorce advice.

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