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Please can somebody tell me to calm down?

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emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 10:55:42

I'm not having a great day, big cold, masses to do, ds ill again...

and then I come across this thread and feel really upset.

I know it's mainly supportive but it just hit me what ds might have to face when he grows up...

and I hated that post about short men in suits being creepy, what's all that about then?

emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 11:14:56


emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 11:22:56

All right never mind then, I am probably overreacting.

emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 11:22:56

All right never mind then, I am probably overreacting.

emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 11:23:25

Must be, because I never normally double-post...

coppertop Tue 17-Jul-07 11:27:15


I haven't read the thread yet but hope you're okay. xx

eidsvold Tue 17-Jul-07 11:29:33

i can see why you would be upset about it. I realise the OP was similarly shocked by such a ridiculous statement that someone made. Some of the others are just ignorant. I can see that she is asking how people can still be so ignorant in 2007 - guess we know how - some are on that thread!!!

eidsvold Tue 17-Jul-07 11:29:57

i was stunned as I read through the thread!

coppertop Tue 17-Jul-07 11:33:00

I've just read the thread. No wonder you were upset by it, Emkana.

emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 11:33:55

Thanks for replying.

I am glad to see that you understand where I'm coming from.

berolina Tue 17-Jul-07 11:35:56

em sweetie that was a silly statement. (Hope I didn't make it worse by saying my dh doesn't look great in suits). FWIW your ds is gorgeous - you know that, don't you?

Mercy Tue 17-Jul-07 11:39:41

Agree with you eidsvold.

Em, I have a friend who is just over 5' (no medical reason) and he has never suffered bullying. Not everyone does but I do understand your fears.

PenelopePitstops Tue 17-Jul-07 11:43:04

emanka your ds looks beautiful, ignore peoples ignorance, I cant believe people would say things like this im

saggermakersknockturnalley Tue 17-Jul-07 11:48:56

Em - you aren't overreacting.

I hoped you wouldn't see it.

Sorry Seb is ill again.

emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 12:05:35

Thanks everyone.

I look at ds and I think he is wonderful, what worries me is how people will perceive him as he grows up. MN being what it is you don't expect those kinds of comments here, but there you go.

berolina, don't worry, in fact it was very helpful to read about your dh.

kreamkrackers Tue 17-Jul-07 12:13:48

people can be so rude. your ds is the most beautiful boy i've seen, his lovely hair and blue eyes he really is 100% gorgeous. i know it's really hard but don't think about that thread too much, it's only a tiny tiny fraction of the population that think like that.

jenk1 Tue 17-Jul-07 13:05:12

no you are not overreacting, i found the thread upsetting so i can only imagine how you would feel.

your little boy is gorgeous.

2spells Tue 17-Jul-07 17:34:48

i didn't get that thread. wasn't sure what she was talking about. I haven't reviseted it as I advoid threads like that (since the "joey" one) as I get to angr. so no you are not over reacting.

ElenyaTuesday Tue 17-Jul-07 18:01:04

emkana, your son is beautiful and he will be a stunner when he grows up, however tall he is (says mum of two extra-short boys ).

emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 19:22:37

anniebear Tue 17-Jul-07 20:09:24

Just had a look at your photo of your son (not that Im nosey or anything of course ) lol

He is so so so gorgeous

emkana Tue 17-Jul-07 20:52:02

Thank you.

And do you know what? He is even cuter in RL.

Arabica Thu 19-Jul-07 00:13:56

Hi emkana. I just nipped in and did a quick search for you. Sorry to hear Seb has been ill, hope he is OK now.
Esja is fine--one year old on 27 July! Not crawling and speech very delayed (not yet babbling) but has a beautiful smile and loves destroying magazines, catalogues and eating my bicycle helmet.

emkana Thu 19-Jul-07 21:15:42

Arabica - lovely to read from you. Give Esja a birthday kiss from me on the 27th. Great to hear she's doing well. Seb is also into everything, he gets where he wants to be by rolling and "snowploughing" (pushing along on his back).

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