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Do you have a carer?? Can you give me advice??

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sparklygothkat Mon 16-Jul-07 22:56:01

DD1 has been going to her carers for 2 years now for 24 hours a month (3x8 hours) and now she is older SS want to give her one 24 session overnight.
Now we are not happy as it will still only give me about 10 hours a month that I can actually use to do other things with DS and DD2, as the rest of the time they are sleeping or getting ready the next morning to pick up Dd1.
SS did say that maybe we can get Direct payments as well, but that will confuse Dd1 if she has another carer brought in. The carer did offer to do an extra weekend but the social worker said no
where do we stand and can I refuse overnights??

sparklygothkat Mon 16-Jul-07 22:56:40

Its one 24 hour session a month btw

sparklygothkat Mon 16-Jul-07 23:26:03


Davros Tue 17-Jul-07 07:29:10

Can't you use the DPs to pay for extra nights with the current carer? I use mine now for extra nights at respite service as well as one weekend/month funded by Soc Svs direct.

sparklygothkat Tue 17-Jul-07 23:02:30

The carer offered to do that but as she works full time too, SS are saying she is doing too much as it is!!!

Davros Wed 18-Jul-07 07:01:21

Hmmmm, is it any of their business? Can she play down how much work she is doing, esp if it isn't all direct for Soc Svs.....

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