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mymatemax Sun 15-Jul-07 11:55:57

We are off to Devon next week & just wondering if anyone has any tips - places to go etc.
We have a sports mad very sociable nt 7 year old & a 4 yr old with mild CP & social anxiety/OCD & poss autism.
We are staying at Lanscove Bay, berry head, (please no horror stories) happy to drive inland if good places to go or eat etc.
Thanks max

Nat1H Sun 15-Jul-07 12:08:13

If your kids are into trains, then Pecorama at Beer is a fantastic place to go. We went last year with our 3 year old with CP and we had a fantastic day. There are lots of model railways set up to look at, and they are really interesting too - even I enjoyed it. You can have a ride on a little steam train, and you get a good length of time on it as well. There's a fantastic playground which my son could access. In fact there were other kids with CP there, and they could all play safely. The cafe is fantastic - really clean and the food is gorgeous!! All in all, I would highly recommend it. It will be about 1 and a half hours drive from where you are staying, but I would definately make the trip whilst you are there. Hope this helps

mymatemax Sun 15-Jul-07 12:11:52

Thanks nat we'll give it a try.

UniSarah Sun 15-Jul-07 22:55:16

The miniture pony centre near mortonhampstead is a nice family day out. You can go into all teh paddocks to meet the animals. there are 3 or 4 play areas,2 picnic areas, one has some shelter. lots of "activitys" during the day ( stroke the rabbits, ride a pony, work a tractor, feed a goat etc) if you like that sort of thing. Its quite hilly tho so only go if your feeling strong enough to get 4 y/o up hills.
rumor has it tehy are good about free companion/carer ticket for parents of kids with special needs.

mymatemax Sun 15-Jul-07 23:04:05

Cheers Sarah, ds2 loves animals so should be a hit.

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