Had to re apply for Sons DLA just before Christmas

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Damonlufc88 Wed 17-Apr-19 08:37:15

We had a letter a week before Christmas that if he wishes to reapply do so within (I think) 3 weeks so we were rushing round, asking his school the week leading to Christmas holidays for them to fill in the section from somebody who supports my son. Gathered all the paperwork we have and filled the forms in over the new year. We got it sent off and the DWP received it around 10th January. It expires in the first week of May and I've rang them twice, both times after the initial 8week process and review period they suggest. I still haven't heard anything but they did say to contact them 10 days before the expiry date. Am I being a bit unreasonable to be conceded?

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StormBringers Wed 17-Apr-19 18:00:38

Ours took 13 week, done day before expiry

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