Lanyard and ID card for runner ASD 5yo?!

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livpotter Tue 16-Apr-19 06:47:32

I've been thinking of doing something similar for my ds (also 5 and a runner). The problem we would have is that he would probably just take it off and throw it somewhere. We'd have a similar issue with labelling clothes!

I was looking into doing something like this:

It's printable fake tattoo paper from hobby craft. So you could put all the relevant details on and put it on him before you go out.

Otherwise could you get him to learn your number? My ds wouldn't be verbal enough to do this.

meandermum Mon 15-Apr-19 22:25:05

Bit of a ramble as my 5 yo officially got his diagnosis today. Although fully expected and welcomed its still left me abit shook. So I'm going over some things I've thought about actioning in recent months.

One is how to tackle his disappearing tendencies when we're out.

I've had to heed the tannoy of shame one too many times in ikea and we've had a Farm park "incident" that put me off taking him out for a good couple of weeks.

I was thinking of getting him a autism puzzle lanyard and ID/alert card that states his name, his diagnosis and an emergency contact number.

Has only done this or could suggest the alternatives? Am I putting him in more danger by id-ing him?

I just thought even the visual of the puzzle lanyard would put folk off giving us dirty looks when he looses it out and about. Folk seem quite aware of this and that charity these days.

Just to give an idea. He is verbal. He can say his name. And is sort of danger aware once he does realise we're not in sight. He can keep with us mostly. But if something appeals to him or he becomes overwhelmed he's offski.

Any thoughts would be appreciated xx

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