Inattentive ADHD - Medication?

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ListsWonderfulLists Thu 11-Apr-19 18:33:50

Does anyone have any experience of medication and it's effects (positive and negative) on the inattentive type of ADHD? We've just received a letter from the paediatrician saying that from the forms and assessments carried out it's probably ADHD and she's sent us lots of info on medication and behaviour therapy then will discuss at appointment.

A lot of the therapy seems to be about reducing hyperactivity and impulsivity but we don't really have a problem with that. He can be a little fidgety and bouncy sometimes but we hardly ever have to tell him off and he's never in trouble at school. He's just lost in his own world. If he wasn't struggling at school then I don't think I would consider meds but he finds it so hard to concentrate and is crying all the time since he started Yr 3 :-( His teacher described him as having a "clouded mind" and I know he lives in his own imagination mainly. He's also dyspraxic which I think contributes.

Does anyone have any experience of therapy or medication to help a child like mine?

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Lara53 Tue 16-Apr-19 19:14:45

Yes! Massive improvements for my DN - she couldn’t focus in school/ keep up with peers and has been taking Medikinet XL. She has dyslexia and ASD too, so still finds things tricky, but shows greater focus, sticking power, less over emotional etc

ListsWonderfulLists Thu 18-Apr-19 06:58:34

Thank you Lara. It's good to hear such a positive story.

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Maldives2006 Wed 01-May-19 21:26:11

Same with me he’s inattentive ADHd and on Medikinet XL and it’s made a massive difference in a good way. He’s dyslexic as well so there are other challenges but if you can focus, pay attention and not be stressed because you haven’t been able to process information quickly enough. Then half the battle is won

Maldives2006 Wed 01-May-19 21:27:52

Also a massive good difference for team sport, my son is massively into football and wants to learn to play cricket so invaluable.

Mumofboys30 Fri 02-Aug-19 16:25:39

Hi! Having read through this thread. I wondering if anyone has had the same problems?
My son who’s 7 nearly 8 has been diagnosed with adhd recently ( I’ve known for years) he was put on Medikinet XL moderate release capsule 10mg. I didn’t notice much change but he was a bit grumpy! I put this down to being tired and it being time for the summer holidays! He recently got put up to 20mg to try and see more change in him. However !!! He’s so depressive, emotional, tearful etc telling me he wants to move away/die etc etc!! This is unlike his personality, everyone says he’s the happiest, most pleasant, fun loving little boy going. It’s been heartbreaking to see and made me feel so guilty for putting him on medication. The doctor has told me to stop immediately and to try quick release of 5mg in the morning then again at lunch and then again in the afternoon if he needs it. I’m scared to try anything now! As much as I know it’s not an over night fix. I really hoped he’d be fine and have a noticeable change on the first medication and if anything it’s made him even worse. He massively struggles to concentrate at school and on any daily task really and is so hyper so he does really need some medication after years of behavioural therapy and not a lot or change sad

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