DD gone to a&e

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twinkletoedelephant Mon 18-Mar-19 10:14:10

Dd has he autism and sky high anxiety we have been trying to get help but just get added to waiting lists. She was seeing a counseler but that stopped as soon as cahms agreed to see her, we won't get an appointment date for 6 weeks ...then the wait for an actual appointment.

DD told dh this morning that she tried to kill herself last night.... quite matter of factly. She only failed as she couldn't get the safety Razer out if the handle properly. She has been self harming (led into it from another girl at school) She's 13 years old.

We watch her like a hawk any tablets are hidden away etc..any way but she is so so sad. We were advised if we are worried to take her to a&e... so we have - will they / can they do anything to help her?

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Jaz32 Sun 24-Mar-19 09:12:41

Hi I'm sorry you are both going through it. We are getting to this point with my 10yo son as well. Waiting lists are a joke and. Are you able to update what happened at a&e did you get any help for your daughter? X

MontStMichel Mon 25-Mar-19 08:18:27

Tell her to flick her wrist with an elastic band, when she feels she has to self harm! At least it does not cause any scarring! (Advice from MH professionals)

I doubt A & E themselves will do DD any good! They might be better with children, but many of them see MH problems as a waste of their time and some will say so! However, sitting there for 4 hours, waiting to see the Crisis Team will give DD time to calm down, because once there, they won’t allow her to leave until she has been seen.

The only good it seems to do is that the police (if involved) or the Crisis Team can put in a word with Camhs and emphasise that DD needs help! It also depends on how many beds there are in your area at the time (probably none)

If you can possibly afford it, pay for private counselling or a diagnosis from a psychiatrist! (Private psychotherapy is probably better than what she might get on the NHS unless it’s something specialist like an eating disorder)

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