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CAMHS referal

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Crocky Mon 09-Jul-07 19:15:08

Been to the GP today and she is referring ds to CAMHS.
Could anyone tell me how long it is likely to be before I hear anything?

mummytosteven Mon 09-Jul-07 20:15:22

will vary from area to area. never dealth with CAMHS personally, but from my experience of other NHS, I would expect some sort of acknowledgment of the referral type letter very quickly, but would expect it to take a few months at least for an appointment.

mummytosteven Mon 09-Jul-07 20:16:20

In fact - why don't you just phone them up and ask how long first appointment usually takes? google the number if you want to phone before getting any letter from them with contact details.

Crocky Mon 09-Jul-07 20:51:20

Thank you, will give it a try.

cat64 Mon 09-Jul-07 20:59:04

Message withdrawn

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